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DBG Implemented Projects 2003
Sector Project Project Components Beneficiaries Donor Agencies
Emergency Aid
Shabelle flooding DBG provided flood prevention equipment, utensils and
800 flood affected
people in Jowhar &
Qoryoley districts
Emergency aid for
Mogadishu urban
Provision of building materials, cooking utensils, blankets,
plastic sheets and mosquito nets to IDPS.
1,854 IDPS families  DEA / EKHN
Assistance to disabled
community in
Martini Hospital
Since 1998, DBG has provided assistance by distributing
food rations, and by providing cash for items such as
charcoal, salt, fuel, and for medical assistance.
150 disabled individuals
and their families
in Mogadishu
 DEA / BftW
Martini Hospital
rehabilitation &
 DBG rehabilitated 24 toilets, the main kitchen, offices,
school classrooms, mosques and training rooms and
provided educational materials, furniture and diesel.
 150 disabled individuals
and their families
in Mogadishu
 DEA / BftW
Digging 3 water
wells in Lower
Shabelle region
The activities comprised of digging and construction of
3 wells with water reservoirs and water tanks and provision
of electric equipment.
2,540 residents of
Lower Shabelle
DEA / BftW
Food Security Food Security
 Rehabilitation of agricultural infrastructure, excavation
of water point for livestock, provision of farm inputs,
agricultural extension and training.
 1,200 inhabitants of
Middle and Lower
Shabelle regions
Education Supporting 8 primary
and secondary
schools in
Mogadishu, Middle
and Lower Shabelle
 In the year 2003, DBG supported Basra and Gallibah
Schools in Middle Shabelle region, Elasha School in
Lower Shabelle region, and Mujama Kura, Garasbaley,
Daynile, Al-m’mun and Bermuda schools in Mogadishu.
The activities carried out include the construction of 22
classrooms, 10 office rooms, 18 latrines, rehabilitation
of 5 classrooms, 8 office rooms and provision of classroom
and office furniture.
 5,950 students,
their parents,
school administration
and teachers
 DEA / BftW
HIV/AIDS awareness
DBG carried out a situation analysis on HIV, arranged
the holding of workshops, radio talk shows and rallies,
and magazine publications.
Most of the residents
of Mogadishu
DEA / BftW
Electrification of
Balad and Karan
districts in
 These 3 electrification projects provided extension of
electric supply to Balad and Karan districts in Middle
Shabelle and Mogadishu respectively. The activities of
the 3 projects comprised of the construction of 3 electric
generator houses, provision of 1 generator of 75
KVA, 2 generators of 60 KVA, and other electric equipment
to three electrification companies.
 5,000 families in
Balad and Karan
 DEA / BftW
Mosquito Net
 The project provided 3 months skills training on preparation
of mosquito nets and materials for mosquito nets
for 150 disabled people in Martini Hospital.
 150 disabled individuals
and their families
in Mogadishu
 DEA / BftW
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