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Emergency Aid &


Distribution of Drinking Water and Other Relief Items to IDPs in Somalia

700 mt of Nutrient food, 4000 pcs of Plastic Sheet, 4000 pcs of Mosquito nets, 441, 600 Barrels of clean water to 4,800 IDPs HH for a period of 6 Months 4,000 IDPs HH for Food and Shelter and 4, 800 HH for distribution of Clean Water AA/DKH


BMZ project: Food Aid, Improvement of Drinking-Water and Housing for IDPs in Somalia.

Food, Water Piping & Construction of Temporary Houses for IDPs

4000 House holds for Food distribution, 200 for temporary corrugated iron houses BMZ


Provision of drugs and medical supplies for four hospitals and one mobile health post in Somalia



Medicine & Hospital Equipments for Hospitals & Mobile Clinics.

15,000 persons in Mogadsihu Hospitals and IDPs villages AA/DKH





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