DBG is a Somali local NGO. DBG literally translates to Common Community Care. How DBG was emerged? In 1992 and in response the devastating impacts of Somali civil war, Diakonie Emergency Aid (DEA) and Caritas, both of Germany (DCG) started humanitarian relief activities in Somalia.

However, in 1995 unfortunate incident took place in Merka town, Lower Shabelle region. It was the ruthless killings of a Nun from Caritas Italy. The incident caused unprecedented local and international outrage and reactions. It also caused Caritas Germany in solidarity with Caritas Italy to pull out Somalia.Nevertheless, Bread for the World (BFTW) Germany decided to replace Caritas.

On the other hand, kidnappings and target killings of international relief workers continued dramatically. The situation was unbearable. DEA and BFTW Germany was now facing ethical dilemma. That's to either continue operating in Somalia and face harsh consequences, or leave and millions could eventually suffer or vanish.....

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